To have puppies of this wonderful breed is the best hobby that I never could have.

Is a big job for me find the perfect male to use on my girls, always looking at healty, friendly and goodlooking boys.

I think a very important thing is the age of the female having puppies for the first time: my dogs are really my big love, and for them I always want the best. I think that the female must to be enought mature to have puppies, and complete in their phisical developmens. So, I think the best age to have a litter is after two years of age.

I also think that they need to have a break between two litters, so our girls will have the time to be again at their top to have another litter.

My dogs are tested for hips-dysplasia and annually chicked at their eyes. Only dogs resulting free will be used for breeding. So, our selection is looking this first of all and only males with free cert. will be used on our girls.

Our puppies grow up in a family contest, and in their first 8 weeks of age our attentions are to make the best for their mentally development. They live in our livingroom and garden with people, dogs and cats, to be perfect in their future life.

I always hope the best for their definitive new home, so the more important thing for me is find a loving home for my puppies, always... sometimes knowing that a very promising show puppy will be a pet and not a show dog... but an happy and loved pet!

I always must to tell that this is not my work, but a wonderful passion. So, I make my best to have what I like in this breed. I love their look, but I think very important also their temperament. So, my breeding is based mostly on healt - typical - and temperament: just like the standard tell these dogs are never aggressive.

Our puppies leave us after 8-10 weeks of age, with their first inoculations, dewormed, with identity microchip, lead for their first months of age, some of their abitual food, and a little book with some advices and some interesting articles about the breed, and the puppy's ancestors.


We will make a real selection for our puppies families choice. 

NEVER we will sell puppies for a "garden life". This breed needs of contact with the humans, so is not the good breed for people who not want to have a dogs living inside the home... 

NEVER we will send puppies in cargo. If someone want one of our puppies we NEED to meet him personally, or however let the puppy travel with a person looking at him/her.

NEVER we sell our puppies to different people from the future owner. A dog is not a good present. A dog is for a long time, and people need to think to a lot of things first to have a so big responsability...

Our puppies will be sold after making a contract for the garancee of the breed and of the puppy. In this contract we also ask to new owners to stay in touch with us for the life of the dog.