And again we decided to stay one day all together....!

It was - like usual - a unbelieved day, with people that we really are in love for, and with our puppies, that - again - gave us the confirm that have wonderful lifes!!!!

Many thanks to you all to be another time here with us!!!

picture: Fabrizio with Kimba, Vanessa with Jonah, Ina with Naila, Dario, Julia with Naga, Missy, Lisa with Tara, Angela and Sandro with Pepe, Elke and Marco with Surya.


Kimba and Naila





Tibetan in action.... and Pepe making friendship with Fabrizio (Jonah's dad)!


Bebe with Jonah, Missy and Naila and...  Jonah and Surya running...!


....really a GREAT day!!!!

THANKS FROM OUR HEART to all our Tibetans and their Families!!!!!!!!

Lisa & Co.